• Kids Experience

    Teaching children through various activities and methods.
    • Abeka Curriculum

      We utilize Abeka’s comprehensive curriculum. To find out more visit

    • Beautiful Beginnings

      Lessons designed especially for those that are just starting out in life.

    • Kids Quest

      A creative and interactive time where children hear bible stories, memorize scripture, pray, and sing songs together.

    • Experiential Learning

      A type of learning that focuses on on learning through experience.

    • Imaginative Play

      We help your child to learn by using their own imagination.

    • Music and Movement

      A fun and entertaining introduction to music, rhythm, movement and dance.

    • Library Time

      A time of reading and storytelling activities. It’s a weekly segment oriented for each specific age group.

    • Arts and Crafts

      No preschool is complete without the essentials of arts in crafts.

    • Outdoor Play

      We venture outside to not only play but also to have mini-field trips.

    • Bible Stories

      Stories from the Bible are key pieces in our curriculum.

    • Daily Circle Time

      Children come together and learn their shapes, colors, numbers, letters and more.